JobFinders: Our four unique steps to success


Gathering information about the open positions within your company is easy; gathering the right information is a challenge, and one that JobFinders specializes in. After we unravel the tangled, overwhelming amount of data at our disposal, we narrow the focus to assist you, the client, with what you really want and need. We’ve learned how to read between the lines. Ultimately, our 4-phase Discovery process allows us to take a more proactive consultative approach to understanding and identifying your needs and challenges so that we can better achieve success together. We can’t find the right candidates if we don’t truly know what we’re looking for.


JobFinders has access to thousands of interested, qualified job applicants. Whittling that down to one or two of the best candidates is a process. We narrow and tailor the focus of our search so we can skim that pool of thousands to find the best people—potential employees who match the unique culture and skills needed for your particular career opportunity. We separate the Best from the Rest.


There are several ways to fill career vacancies. JobFinders is the leading provider of innovative employment solutions in mid-Missouri, and we form strategic partnerships with all of our clients to ensure we are proactively finding the very best talent. Our recruiting process targets, engages and qualifies the best talent. Our processes and the work of our innovative recruiters provide the foundation for our success. We “Do What We Say We Will Do,” every single time.


The job has been identified, resumes were sifted through and the perfect candidate has been located. Now, we place. And if you need help with training, drug screenings, payroll or other HR-related issues, JobFinders will help with those tasks, too. We will deliver on our promises. We always “Do What We Say We Will Do.” We bring the hiring process full circle to place the very best talent with your company or organization.