JobFinders’ Sourcing Process

At JobFinders, we form strategic partnerships with client companies to manage all or part of their recruitment and staffing processes. We also can supplement your in-house recruitment and staffing functions.

Our core values are based on Family, Career, Integrity and Doing What You Say You Will Do, and our strategic differentiator is the sheer quality of the candidates we identify through a research-based recruitment methodology.

1. Define and profile the job

We spend up to 30 minutes with the hiring manager to identify the unique needs of the open position.

2. Create a recruitment plan

We market the job in a way that attracts the best candidates and promotes the brand.

3. Source candidate pool

Our Referral Source Engine locates quality candidates through countless channels, and we set up unique Referral Communities for each posting to generate leads.

4. Pre-interview and document

Only candidates who meet your company’s specific criteria will be presented to you, all in an easy, simple-to-understand format.

5. Interviews, tests and references

The hiring manager will be contacted twice each day—once via email and again by phone—with details about what decisions need to be made on pre-qualified candidates.

6. Review and adjust

We review our sorting and selection processes with the hiring manager to evaluate the effectiveness of our work.

7. Offer made

Once a decision is made about a potential hire, we work with you to craft an offer of employment.

8. Check references and background

We eliminate candidates who cannot pass our thorough reference and background checks, and confirm those who can.

9. Onboarding and training

Hires go through safety training and other procedural steps to ensure they’re ready to contribute on Day 1.

10. Retention and follow-up
We reconvene with the hiring manager to discuss the successes of the process, document the results and tweak the formula when necessary.