JobFinders’ Managed Services

At JobFinders, we offer a variety of customizable solutions to meet your business and staffing demands. Our team of recruiters concentrates on finding talent that will surpass the skill set and culture fit you are seeking. We understand the importance of creating a partnership with your business so we can serve you better.

Flexible staffing options include:

Flexible Workforce – Switch from a fixed variable labor cost by utilizing a flexible workforce that meets peak demands while maintaining a smaller core staff.

Short or Long Term Contract Assignment – We cover your short and long-term staffing needs with pre-screened and qualified workers, para-professionals and professional candidates.

Evaluate-To-Hire (contract) – JobFinders ensures the right candidate fit and prevents costly hiring mistakes by working with you to assess each candidate’s skills, experience and performance on the job, before you extend an offer of employment.

Professional recruiting options include Direct Placement, which saves you time and money by allowing JobFinders to recruit, screen and refer qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs.

Strategic workforce management options include:

On-Site Programs – JobFinders On-Site oversees the administration of your entire workforce with a customized program to meet your needs. We provide a manager at your location. The on-site manager assists in planning your staffing needs, accurately fills all staffing requests, and monitors worker performance to ensure productivity and continuous improvements.

Training – Whether it’s legal compliance, making the work place more fun, team building, or learning strategies for recruitment and retention of talent, JobFinders provides expert instructors and tailored training programs unique to your organization’s needs.

We also offer skill testing, background checks, employee payrolling, drug testing, consulting, seminars, retention, succession planning and more. Contact us today!