When to Promote an Employee

At JobFinders Employment Services, we know you want your top performing employees to be with your company for years to come. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to know which staff members to advance. For example, you like your employee Sally. She does a good job for you, works hard and is on time. She does her job quickly and efficiently. Clients provide positive feedback. But how do you know if now is the right time to promote her into a position with more responsibility?

There are several signals that an employee may be ready for a leadership position. Does the individual speak up, offering insights, new ideas and solutions to situations that arise? Has he or she volunteered to take on more of a workload, and successfully performs the tasks, meeting or exceeding expectations? Is the person trainable? Are they able to grasp leadership concepts and put them into action?  And finally, are they truly a team player? Do they have the respect of their teammates and return that respect to others?

Other things to consider when contemplating promoting employees include seniority, education/technical experience, merit/ability, potential, and time since last promotion, however, these alone should not trump performance.

At JobFinders, our on-site managers are experts at helping companies identify their strongest team players. We want your business to be successful. Keeping your skilled and most productive employees is key to that success.