Increasing Morale and Productivity at Your Business

Our team of recruiters knows it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize when you increase morale in your business, productivity will also increase. Good morale and productivity go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

But how do you improve the way your employees feel about their jobs and work environment? Some things to look at include fairness, meaningful work, appreciation and good communication.

• Are employees being treated fairly? Dedicated staff members will work hard and even rally in a difficult situation if they believe they are being treated fairly and consistently.

• Is what they are doing meaningful? The definition of meaningful takes on different significance for different people. Still, each individual needs to feel they are contributing, either to something important or to something bigger than their small part. If they cannot see the impact of what they do, morale suffers.

• Appreciation is crucial. Most outstanding employees rank appreciation above compensation as a motivating factor. Recognizing accomplishments and saying thank you go a long way.

• Communicate, communicate, communicate. Share the positives and, in appropriate ways, address negatives. This relates not only to individual employee activities, but to what is going on in the company as a whole. Staff appreciate being informed.

JobFinders knows your organization will only be as good as the people working for it, so why not help them feel good about their jobs! Remember: happy employees are productive employees.