How do You Know if You Overwork Your Employees?

JobFinders Employment Services has seen it all through the years. An employee you were not sure could step up, suddenly becomes your star producer and exceeds your wildest expectations. Another situation we’ve seen occur is an employer loading too much on their star employees and then watching that employee leave the organization totally burned out. This is becoming more common as employees neglect to utilize their vacation time for fear something will slip through the cracks while they are away.

Studies have shown that one in three employees are CHRONICALLY overworked. That means employees multitask, work fast, come in early, stay late, text/call outside of office hours, etc. The balance between work, home, family, pleasure, social activities, leisure moments …. becomes blurred and burnout can occur quickly. The results, according to bfs capital’s online article titled “Is Your Staff Overworked? Look for These Signs,” include lack of productivity, health issues, increased absenteeism and more.

Other signs employees are overworked include: increased emotions, reductions in team mentality, pointing fingers at others, high turnover, customer service decline, lack of team bonding and more, as outlined by an article written by American Express, called “Overworked Employees? 15 Signs You May be Pushing Workers Too Hard.”

So how does management help? These are some of the ways we recommend you ensure your people aren’t being pushed too hard:

  • Allow open communication with and among employees
  • Identify and resolve conflicts quickly
  • Ensure all employees have “adequate” control over their projects
  • Make sure staffing levels and budgets are sustainable
  • Provide proper benefits and days off

At JobFinders Employment Services we can help you manage your workforce and put systems in place to keep your employees feeling appreciated and not overworked. Call us today to learn more!