Lazy Employee? What Can You do?

Even if you have just one lazy employee, his or her actions may impact your entire organization. Slackers typically affect coworkers who have to work harder to cover for them. When a manager does not address the problem, it could lead to morale problems or lowered standards by other staff members. You may even lose good employees who resent the situation.

At JobFinders, we know management is often the key to getting employees motivated and increasing their productivity. Management’s job is to create an environment where an employee’s natural motivation is set free, an environment where they want to work towards the same goals as you.

How, you may ask?

Start by increasing your presence and accessibility to your staff. Be visible and engaged. Find ways to interact with each team member and make them feel valued.

Clearly outline the company’s goals and how the individual fits into the equation. Often, employees don’t see the big picture, thinking their contribution is small or insignificant.

Ask what motivates them. An employee may be bored or not challenged sufficiently by the work. Sometimes, finding the right task can turn a lax employee into a go-getter.

Lastly, if none of that works, we recommend you document, document, document. First, try working with him or her to determine reasons for their poor work ethic. However, if you do need to let the employee go, you should have thoroughly documented the ways you tried to work with them to improve their performance.

Either way, your efforts will create a more productive workplace.