Is bad employee behavior tainting your company?

Is bad employee behavior tainting your company?

Even someone who is experienced and great at their job can fail at work by exhibiting toxic patterns of behavior. Some behaviors, like harassment or stealing, are obviously disruptive, but it’s crucial to identify and prevent subtle behavioral issues before they become a major problem.

A few examples of bad behavior:

·         The Narcissist—This person can bring down the team by thinking they’re better than everyone else in the organization. This individual can be a pessimist who underestimates coworkers and doesn’t cooperate well.

·         The Unreliable Coworker—This employee lacks credibility and doesn’t fulfill what they promise to accomplish. This person misses deadlines, procrastinates, and constantly makes excuses or tries to point blame elsewhere.

·         The Gossip—Spreading rumors and internal or confidential information can be harmful for employee morale and lead to a decrease in team productivity. The office gossip can also be the office soap opera star, someone who has a tendency to distract co-workers with stories about their personal life.

As a manager or employer, it is your job to make sure these behaviors are addressed and rectified. The easiest way to avoid infecting your organization with bad behavior starts with the hiring process, but interviews and references alone isn’t always a great detector of how a candidate may act when hired. Here are some ways to get through the rough patches of inappropriate employee behavior:

·         Clearly communicate what you expect from your employees.

·         Spot issues before they turn into major problems.

·         Counsel employees through hard times.

·         Prevent the spread of inappropriate behavior. Take actions to ensure employee morale isn’t being affected.

·         Work to bring out the best in the people you manage.