Don’t hold back: Reasons why you should apply for jobs you’re supposedly underqualified for.

It’s something all job seekers have encountered. You find your dream position, an office in a great location, or a listing with an unbelievable pay grade, but your experience doesn’t necessarily match what the employer is expecting. You may not have enough years of experience, currently work in a different industry or there are a few bullets in the job description that you’ve never done. But does that mean you shouldn’t bother applying? Absolutely not.

The fear of rejection or inadequacy is usually what holds people back, but you shouldn’t settle for less without trying. In actuality, you don’t have any chance of getting the position if you never apply. It’s entirely possible that a well-written cover letter and resume lands you an interview. While experience is a valued asset, employers are also impressed by authentic passion and enthusiasm. Proving you’re eager to learn and work can make you a better candidate than an unmotivated corporate climber with more experience. Even if you get turned down, you can always apply in the future. If you really believe you would be a great fit for the job, being under-qualified shouldn’t hold you back.