To better your business, expand the culture.

You have methodically built your team to best reflect the goals and personality of your company. Indeed, it’s important to hire employees who bolster the company culture—defined as the vision, mission and values of an organization—but it’s risky to hire standardized templates of a “model employee.” When it comes to filling vacancies within your organization, it’s best to not get too picky about perfect-fit candidates.

This idea of “culture fit” actually encourages bias, discrimination and exclusiveness. Do you want a roster of employees who all look, think and act the same? Of course not. Rather than trying to achieve culture fit, work on adding to the culture you already have with a diverse hire—not necessarily a different skin tone or sexual orientation, mind you, but someone with alternative viewpoints, specialized skill sets or unique career experiences. Focus not on what this person is missing in regard to your culture, but instead on what they bring to the table as strengths.